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Exxaltress - 2019 Menton Contender El Rey Magnum RCF - City of Lights El Rey Magnum-Welcome to Europe OFW LADY EXX - June 2019 OFW KANZTANTINA SAHAR - June 2019 El Rey Magnum RCF- Arabian Breeders World Cup Silver Supreme Champion OFW-Past, Present, Future El Rey Magnum Unanimous Champion-Scottsdale 2018 Exxaltress - 2019 Menton Contender AURORA ALJASSIMYA Exxaltress Exxaltress Unanimous Scottsdale Class Champion 2010 Purebred Arabian Filly SW DaVidica El Rey Magnum RCF Scottsdale Unanimous Champion EL REY MAGNUM RCF OFW LAZO Endurance Training OFW FAUZAAN OFW ALIKAAN OFW FARIDA ROSE El Rey Magnum Debut OFW Wan and Only Cirque Du Soleil BF LULU MARAJJ - US Nationals 2019 promo EL REY MAGNUM RCF - City of Lights El Rey Magnum - Aachen 2018 Lulu Marajj OFW MOST EXQUISITE OFW BAANDERAS OFW Magic Wan Nailla de Bloodstone Naillla De Bloodstone Nailla de Bloodstone Scottsdale Champion Queen Ayda 2018 Scottsdale Class Champion Queen Ayda 2018 Scottsdale Unanimous Champion Mare OFW DULCE DA VINCI OFW HANAS MAGIC ONE JULY 2018 OFW KASHIUS July 2018 Duchess Of Marwan Duchess of Marwan OFW Kashius OFW Hanas Magic One OFW BELLA MARAJJ OFW LOVELY LOVITA OFW JEWEL OF MARWAN SAFEERAH OF MARWAN OFW PRINCESS JASMINE OFW FAUZAAN OFW TRUE MAGIC OFW RENEGADE OFW VAQUERO COVER GIRL PA OFW IRELYNNS MAGIC OFW FARIDAH ROSE Lulu Marajj EKS Alihandro JJ BELLAGIO Marwan Al Shaqab S.M.A. Magic One OFW Swan OFW Interlude Makayah OFW Jewelee SW Jasmine RHR Duquesa RHR Duquesa HB Dominique El Dakar Baandora

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