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OFW 2023 Fee Schedule

Halter Show Training--------------------------------------$1,300.00/month
Monthly fee includes board, training & supplements (Strongid C, Ultimate Finish & RedCell). Monthly fees do not include additional supplements, farrier, vet or any other 3rd party expenses incurred by Orrion Farms

Class A Shows ------------------------------------------- $1,000.00

Regional Championships ----------------------------------$2,000.00

Concurrent Pre-Show and Regional------------------------$2,750.00

Scottsdale Show ----------------------------------------- $5,500.00

Arabian Breeders World Cup ----------------------------- $4,000.00

Midsummer Nationals------------------------------------- $4,000.00

Arabian National Breeders Finals---------------------------$3,000.00

US Nationals --------------------------------------------- $5,500.00

All Other Shows ------------------------------------------------ Private Treaty **Show Fees do include trainer/groom expenses & decoration expenses. Show Fees do not include the following: hauling, premium stalling, entry fees, USEF/AHA fees, drug fees, shavings at show & tack rooms. Show Fees are billed in advance of the show and due prior to the show.

**Additional fees such as bodyclips, medications, and farrier will apply.

Hauling Rate ($150.00 minimum) -------------------------- $1.25/mile

Photo/Video Prep Fee ------------------------------------- $125.00

Sellers Agent Fee ----------------------------------------- 20% of sale price -payable at time of sale

Administrative Fee------------------------------------------$50/hr -for client requested specialty services

**All clients are required to provide a valid credit card to keep on file for incidentals such as blankets, show entries, outside vendor expenses, etc. Furthermore, Orrion Farms reserves the right to charge a fee of $25 per vendor invoice to any clients who use our services to pay for incidentals or vendor expenses. Orrion Farms also reserves the right to charge a 3% late fee for unpaid training invoices.

Orrion Farms, LLC accepts credit cards, wire transfer and ACH payments.

Thank you for your business!

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