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What does it mean to live a life well-lived? We believe it means to have deep, nurturing relationships to share in the thrilling moments together. We believe it means to celebrate those fleeting instants that fill our hearts with the unmitigated joy of a child and take our breath away. We believe that the key to a rich human experience is not happiness, but rather wholeness.

This is what Arabian horses do for us… to us.

And this is why sharing it with you is our paramount joy.
We welcome your visit.

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Dominic M

Every major procurement by Orrion Farms is guided by one core inspiration: To be active participants in the betterment of the Arabian horse and its worldwide community. In that spirit and with great pride we acquired the one and only, Dominic M. He is home, returned to the country of his birth where he will stand to the public as a treasured breeding horse for years to come.


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Our Mares

Orrion Farms uniquely claims a long, cherished heritage with the Arabian horse, and we walk forward in humble confidence because of that foundation from which we make every decision. Mares are the cornerstone to any successful breeding program, and Orrion Farms is no different. Each mare plays her own vital role. Our breeding program seeks to honor the pillars of our past (such as our daughters of the great Amety B) as well as blaze new horizons for the future, like the glorious Exxaltress. In turn, the mares are bred to the finest stallions available in the world, offering a truly global Arabian horse showcase.

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PA Kid Khan

Continuously finding himself atop the leaderboard of leading living AWPA Sires (Arabian Western Pleasure Association) of National Winners, PA Kid Khan has is our most recent acquisition to the Orrion Farms breeding program. By legendary Western sire, Sundance Kid V, and out of million dollar Arabian Breeders World Cup Gold Champion Mare, Kharrea PGA, PA Kid Khan offers us the “next step” in the evolution of the Orrion Farms breeding program, with a perfect cross-over pedigree of halter and performance.  We look forward to the contributions he will make to our mares, siring both beautiful young horses for the halter arena and a future generation of exceptional pleasure horses for Orrion Farms and those loyal breeders that continue to select PA Kid Khan for their programs.

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For Sale

The greatest joys in this life are the ones we experience together with others. When we breed horses, we truly breed with you in mind. This is because when a horse is sold, you are not simply obtaining a horse. You are being folded into the Orrion Family. Let’s journey together with the Arabian horse at our side.

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Sometimes something comes along that changes everything; a revolutionary that redefines current standards on its own terms. In the world of Arabian horses, this is El Rey Magnum. Since birth, he has been the most talked-about colt in the world, heralded for setting the new standard of beauty for today’s Arabian horse.

With a colt of this magnitude, whose breed type is so extreme and so appreciated, it is important to manage him carefully and responsibly because he is, in fact, a game changer. Akin to historic pillars of our past who also marched forward carrying the torch of change – stallions like *Padron, *El Shaklan, Arn-Ett Perlane and QR Marc – the responsibility of their caretakers to steer them responsibly is a weighty one.  It will define not just the legacy of the horse itself, but also impact the direction of the breed as a whole. El Rey Magnum is poised for this legacy.

But enough about his merits. Let’s talk about him as an individual. Fittingly, “El Rey” means “The King.” He is, indeed, kingly and kind. His relational curiosity and beautiful, gentle eye offer us rich moments that take our breath away every day. El Rey Magnum is paving his own path; we are simply his escorts.

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