2021 Arabian Breeders World Cup

It is with great pride that we announce the tremendous success of the 2021 ABWC.  We thank our clients, friends and wonderful staff!

🥇The General LRA- gold champion 3yr old legacy colt/gelding
🥇OFW Bella Marajj- gold champion 3yr old Legacy filly
🥇Felix Ajmal Mora-unanimous gold champion jr mare, high score for head
🥈Ernando AA- silver champion yearling colt, high score for body and top line
🥈Exxcelsior AT- silver champion jr stallion
🥉MLP Vesper- bronze champion yearling filly, high score for type
🥈OFW Allura- Silver Champion Intarah class
🥈Exxzena Z- Silver Champion yearling legacy filly, top ten yearling filly
🏆Carmine Al Khaled- 1st place 6-7 year old mare
🏆B Qortuba- top ten yearling filly
🏆ISRA Taysha- top ten yearling filly
🏆Everest Anvil- top ten yearling colt
🏆Pandoraah- top ten 8 and over mare
🏆Meteor Arabco- top ten 6-7 year old stallion

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